Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year...New Hope

Well, another week has gone by and now a new year has come upon us. Evan's test is coming up on the 21st. It is still a long ways away. As a parent of a sick child the thought of him being sick breaks my heart. I am on pins and needles every time he cries. I am so very thankful to my Heavenly Father for protecting all of us. The thought of possibly overlooking the behaviors and signs we were given to discover his illness scares me to death. The thought of losing him scares me even more. Thankfully the Lord has given us good doctors with experience and good medicine to reduce the size of his tumor. His hair is starting to thin, but it is still there...sort of. His appetite is back, and he recognizes Mom and Dad really well, We are grateful for all the little things.

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  1. We love you guys so much and continue to pray for you all, especially little Evan. I know the Lord hears our prayers and His tender mercies will get you through all of this. Love, Janell