Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Evan Almighty :)

  Evan's results came back yesterday, finally!!! It was the longest wait in my life!!! He did it! Without any treatment since December 21st Evan's markers dropped from 92/89 to 34/22. And all I know it is AWESOME!!!! We are happy beyond measures and SO grateful to our Father in Heaven for his mercy over our little boy. He is a fighter, but without God's help and all the angels here, on earth, we would not be able to get through this.
  On Monday, the 31st, we'll have to deal with another sedation, cause Evan's line will get removed. As silly as it sounds, I can't wait to give him a bath without any protecting covers on his chest.:)
     My heart is bursting out of gratitude to all of you, our friends, for your prayers, to the team of doctors who made the wise desisions in treating his desease, to all the nurses who had to take care of him in this journey, to Tiffanie who was here every Monday changing his dressing, getting his vitals, labs, weight and just being SO supportive.
   The journey is not over yet, I know, but where we are rightnow is a great feeling....

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