Thursday, March 17, 2011

Six months baby check...

Our little munchk is definitely thriving. At 6,5 months he weighs 24.1 lbs!!! That is 91% percentile in weight and he is 92%  in height. Maybe a basketball star is on the rise:) The newest milestone in Evan's social behavior is not being happy with those he doesn't know. He gave a good whale to the doctor yesterday. And she was actually happy to see that, recognizing his social development in such reaction. According to her, it is usually expected from a 9mo old. So, Evan is ahead on "crying with strangers" milestone. :)
    Grandma "babushka" went home last week. It is an adjustment for everyone in the house. Our helping fairy is gone and routines had to change. Evan is getting out more and so far he is good exploring the world. Yesterday we went to Sea Life in the MOA. He just stayed in his stroller and enjoyed the bright colors of underwater world. Today we went on a walk. What a relief to see this snow melt! And again, he just sat in that stroller and looked around. We look forward to this summer to see him grow and enjoy outdoors after being cooped up for so long!
   Next stop - scan on April 1st..... Please, continue your prayers for Evan's health. God bless!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Two months after chemo

Another long weekend behind us. We were waiting for Friday's HVA/VMA results. I called yesterday in the morning and our nurse Tom called me back and left a message that it was not back yet. In the afternoon finally I got a call, my heart skipped a beat when I heard Dr.McCallister voice. I honestly thought that if the doctor is personally calling, then there are some bad news. And, what a relief to hear that the news were very good. Evan did it again. His numbers dropped from 34/22 to 22/15!!! I can't wait to see on April 1st what's actually left of that tumor. That is when we have scheduled another scan. So, here is  a line of HVA/VMA results since Evan was diagnosed:
                                               November  235/289
                                               December   92/89 (after 2 rounds of chemo)
                                               January      34/22 (no treatment)
                                               February    22/15 ( no treatment)
    I am AMAZED by this boy's power to fight! I am AMAZED and testify of power of prayer! My heart bursts out of gratitude to all of you, our friends, for praying for our little boy. He is in the top percentage with his weight and height development. For the first time on Friday the doctor actually said that I can stress Evan out a little and let him cry at night if he asks for a bottle.:)
      We are definitely moving in the right direction. Evan will have this monthly tests till 36 months after treatment, and scans every 3 months for 12 months and then he will be on the watch every 6 months and then every year. We are hoping for no more surprises and looking at this experience as our trial of faith. We know that God is watching over Evan and we are blessed to have him in our lives and grateful for the lessons he taught us. He is such a joy, he makes us laugh, started sitting up and loves to play with toys and take a bath. He already pulls his sisters' hair and gets frustrated when he wants attention. Evan has the cutest smile and he loves music and lights. He is the most spoiled child in our family and so far his siblings don't have a problem with that.:)