Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Can't wait till Friday

Well, my morning started with changing a dressing on Evan's line, for the first time. I remember how stressed out I was when the nurses were training me to do it before we left the hospital back in November. Since then Tiffanie has been changing it every Monday, and if emergency arised, tnen Mat did  the job. So I thought I will never have to deal with the task. Little did I know.:) this morning, as I was changing Evan's jammies, I noticed that the top of the dressing had an opening. I panicked at first cause Mat was at work, and then , with my mom as an assistant(singing every song possible:)), I did it. Yay! It went well and now I am not afraid of doing it ever.
    Wanted to share that Evan has been gaining nearly a pound every week for the last 3 weeks. He definetely has a good apetite and looks like a very cute chubster. I could just eat his cheeks, so cute! That gives me hope that he is strong enough to fight on his own without any treatments. Looking forward to find out on Friday...

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  1. He has an appetite, that is awesome!!! We're praying everything goes great this week!