Monday, January 31, 2011

The boy without strings

Well, Today was the day!!!! Mom, Dad and Evan braved rush hour traffic in a snowstorm to get to Children's Hospital. We were only an hour late...the snow was terrible, traffic was even worse. Our appointment was for 7:45 am we left at 6:30 thinking we would get there with time to spare...boy was I wrong. We arrived at 8:45 and thankfully we were able to call ahead and warn them. The Hospital staff was great of course. The proceedure took all of an hour to take out the central line, stitch the tiny cut, and slap a band aid over the line site. This part they tell me will scab and heal on it's own with out a stitch. Amazing!!! Thank you for all of your prayers and angelic blessings of support and most of all friendship. We feel extremely blessed for all of your prayers and fastings that you have performed on our behalf. We are so grateful for all of you who have placed our names in the temple. We know that God lives and loves each of us here on this planet. He gives us challenges in life to prove our faith. To prove whether or not we will remain faithful to Him. Our challenge is not over, we understand this...Evan is only five months old... Life will roll out something else to overcome, hopefully something else we can overcome together with your help and especially the help of our Heavenly Fa.ther

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  1. Yay! I know how much you guys were looking forward to having that line removed. My mom said you had Evan in church sorry to have missed that. Here's to moving on! Hugs!