Saturday, January 22, 2011

The longest weekend ever...

 So, Evan's appointment was yesterday. It went pretty good all together. The lab results looked great, only magnesium and white blood count was a little lower than normal, but not alarming. The doctor was impressed with how healthy Evan looked, which I am reading as a very good sign. Now we are facing a very long weekend of waiting on urine test results. It takes 72 hours to get the results. So, the story is, that neuroblastoma activity can be determined by so called "urine marker". When Evan was diagnosed, his number was over 290 with a norm of less than 35. After 2 rounds of chemo, and 44% of tumor shrinking, the number dropped to 92/89. If the results of this recent test will be lower, then we have a chance of removing central line and have Evan on every month checks and scans every 3 months and hope we would never face a treatment again...
    With my worries about over 50% tumor being there... As the doc explained to me yesterday of what possibly happening. The chemo destroyed the active tumor cells, and whatever left there, Evan can possibly fight on his own. And I know he can, because he is a fighter and he is surrounded by love, and he is watched over and protected by our loving Heavenly Father. We've seen a lot of miracles already and believe that with faith and hope everything is possible!


  1. Thank you so much, guys, for sharing this update with us. We're always praying Evan. What an amazing little guy he is! Patrick and Alyona

  2. Your whole family has gone through so much, and have been very blessed with Evan's wonderful progress. Keep up the faith, and God bless you all.