Saturday, December 25, 2010

The next steps...

Well, we heard back from our team. The Doctors think that since Evan has taken the chemotherapy so well, and his tumor has shrunk by more than we expected, then we should stop the chemo sessions and see if his body will take care of the rest of the tumor on it's own. It is hard to imagine,on the one hand, that we are going to allow the thing that could have taken little Evan from us, to stay in his body. However in a more positive and hopeful view we are allowing his body to prove its strengths against this disease. We know that God has granted us miracles in our team and in the process that has transpired so far. We are so very grateful for these miracles and grateful that we are together fighting this terrible battle. We have met some really great people as well whose lives are still touched by Neuroblastoma, and our prayers and hopes go out to you as well who have been in this fight longer than we have.

I guess the biggest concerns I have about this change in plan are the unknown, what if scenarios. What grows back? What if...we cut it out right now? What if we go through two more rounds of chemo?... Each of these have fairly obvious answers to them in my mind, but they still haunt me. I want to do what is best for Evan. Maybe for now the best thing to do is have patience and see what develops in the next month. We will have some more blood and urine tests to see if the tumor chemical levels have increased again. If they have, we will be back to the hospital, if not, then it will be another month of waiting, observing and reporting back to the doctors what we are seeing in his behavior and development.

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