Wednesday, January 12, 2011


It's been pretty quiet in our home lately in regards of Evan's health. But in our books quiet is good.:) We are just enjoying getting to know him finally, without hospital and clinic visits. He had his labs drawn once and the results were looking very good. Even though his white blood count was lower than normal, it was still fine. And the reason of lower number was his sniffles and stuffy nose. I am SO grateful for our homecare nurse, Tiffanie, who comes every Monday to change Evan's central line dressing, and check his weight, and just give me a piece of mind, that he is doing good so far. Speaking of weight... Our little chunk is gaining almost a pound every week. He really doesn't look like he has cancer... That gives me hope, that he is strong enough to fight it off on his own. And he has such a cute personality! He is just ADORABLE when he smiles, but it's hard to catch on camera since, he is being a little stinker, just stares at it and studies the camera.:) Evan loves Peter, and Nadia, and Anya's dancing makes him smile. He can't get enough of babushka's stories and songs. Thankfully she knows SO many of them, that he can be entartained probably for hours.:)
     It's all peaceful in DeVol's home for now, thanks to all your good friends prayers and support! And we hope it will stay this way. So, January 21st next appointment, couple of days to wait for test results, and then we'll know what's next. Please, continue keeping our little Evan in your prayers...


  1. Hang in there everyone. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Keep your trust in the Lord and all will work out for the best.

  2. Praying that many angels continue to surround your family. Love you guys!!

  3. I found your blog through my friend Kassie. I read it all the time. Prayers are always being said for baby Evan in our home. Although my child has a different health issue...I know how hard it can be. My son has been in the hospital the last month. Emotions are all over the place! Prayers!