Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thank you!!!

So, I am not so much a blog writer, and I am sure that I will still make a lot of mistakes writing in English. For that, forgive me. But I thought I can't miss expressing my feelings about some things that happened last week. Brittney's prompting about the Fundraiser and the blog was one of great blessings that happened to us. When she asked us about it, I felt like my brain was still in fuzz from all the emotional shock that we experienced with Evan's diagnose. All I wanted is for my boy to be well... And I feel so bad that I could not be any help in preparation for the Fundraiser. And then I could not go, since I want to save my days for canceling lessons in case Evan needs me in the hospital. So, when Mat came home, he was shocked of how many friends donated their time and talents for the event. I kept asking him who was there, and he said he was there later, and probably missed seeing some people. And when he said that there were faces he could not recognize, I totally got overwhelmed... I am SO grateful that my little sweet baby boy surrounded by so much love! Please, everyone who participated  in this night of miracle for Evan, accept my deep thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!! I don't know if I can ever properly thank you enough. But if you are reading this, I hope you know how grateful I am for you, for your compassion. I pray that Heavenly Father will bless you for your kind thoughts and for your ability to give!
    This coming Friday we are going in for the second cycle of chemo. Hopefully be home by Sunday. I am absolutely not excited because I already know what to expect... But there is no other way. And then another couple of weeks to be extremely careful because the numbers are expected to drop again. I pray that we can be done with this fight soon. I pray for miracle and I have hope and I know that this baby is loved by his Heavenly Father and his family here on earth. We are going to get through this...

     Much love


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  1. Oh Zhenya! I love you! I am praying for your whole family and especially Evan! You just spend every minute you can enjoying HIM, let everyone else worry about everythingelse! You were missed that night, but not because you weren't physically there, because we love you and want to comfort and help! We all would much rather have you spending time with him than with us! Good luck this weekend! LOVES!