Saturday, December 4, 2010

2nd round down!!!

Well, Evan and Dad spent the night at Children's in Minneapolis taking on the second round of Chemo. It went pretty good, all things considered. As always, the nursing staff rocked!!! Leah and Tammy were great nurses. Dad told all kinds of stories while Evan did his part, taking in the medicines, eating, relaxing and watching movies until 10pm. After that they were both tired so Dad put Evan in the crib while he set up the hide-a-bed to sleep on. When Dad turned around Evan was practicing his Superman moves in the crib so Dad decided to let him sleep as long as he wanted to....the next thing Dad knows it is 5am. Dad did wake up from time to time through the night, but each time Vanya was sleeping soundly. When Tammy the night nurse came in for her last set of vitals, Dad was feeding Vanya his morning bottle. Tammy reported that she had stopped in a few times through the night, but each time he was out. She even changed his diaper while he was sleeping and he didn't wake!!!
Evan and Dad came home this afternoon. All the nurses and doctors say that he is looking great and that they are very positive about the success of these procedures. We have another CT scan scheduled for the 20th of December and then we will know what the next step is to this process, more chemo or another operation. For now we will just keep praying that the Lord will bless all of our friends and family as much as he has blessed us over the last three months.
Since before Evan was born we had difficulty with the pregnancy, now we understand a little more behind the why and we feel embraced and enveloped in our Saviors love. As each day passes the thought that someone in the world is thinking of us and praying for us brings peace and comfort in unexplainable ways. Thank you for your prayers and well wishes.

~Mat and Zhenya

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