Saturday, November 27, 2010

Vanya's Day out

So Evan had his Doctors appointment yesterday. His numbers are looking good. His bone marrow is kicking out the high numbers of white blood cells. Everything is looking good, except for his protien counts. They are lower than they should be, a definite sign that the tumor is still strong enough to be distrupting Vanya's system. We had to give him two rounds of Albumin once yesterday and today. Not a big deal, an hour at the clinic, but man did his energy levels perk up for a while.

After the clinic we decided to take the kids and Vanya to the Macy's christmas display in Minneapolis. We had a really fun time while we were there. Vanya's eyes were bugging out of his head. He is so funny!!! He was looking all over the place. The christmas lights were amazing and all the kids had a great time. best of all...It was free :)

After today's appointment Zhenya and I stopped at Target with Vanya. We stopped back in the electronics department where Vanya started fussing in his car seat. Zhenya pulled him out and his eyes bugged out again as he saw the 60" tv hanging on the wall. He was totally mesmorized by flashing matter where we turned he was focused on the lights. So precious...

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