Friday, November 12, 2010

Sweet Words from Zhenya

Zhenya sent me this message last night and I thought I'd share!

I am overwhelmed to tears with so much devotion in Evan's sake...So far Mat has been sending you all the updates. It's a little too much for me. Tomorrow I am planning to be at the hospital around noon to have a chance to see and hold my baby again. He's been sedated for 5 days now. And the plan is to start chemo tomorrow afternoon as well. I can't wait for the treatment to start! It is 3 days and hopefully by Monday or Tuesday Evan can be home. then, 3 weeks of break and another session of chemo for 3 days hospitalization. After that he'll have another CT scan. Hopefully the tumor will shrink enough so they can remove it surgically. If not, then another chemo. We are VERY hopeful! Evan is a very strong baby and a very special spirit! I love him more then life and know that we'll get through this. ♥ 

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  1. I saw your blog on Kassie Designs website. I have a child who has Prune Belly Syndrome (PBS). Although our son has not been diagnosed with Neuroblastoma in addition to the PBS, several other PBS children have had Neuroblastoma. Doctors think there is some sort of link.
    Anyway.... I know this is sooo hard. I had a very ill child when he was born (multiple surgeries) and I understand the pain a parent goes through during this process. Its a pain only another parent with a sick child can feel. True miracle they caught it early!!! Most parents are not that fortunate. We're praying for you!!!