Friday, April 1, 2011

A young warrior scores big!!!

     Today was Evan's first CT scan since before Christmas and it was awesome!! We arrived at the hospital on time and in good spirits, hoping the whole time for good results. As the nurse bought us back to the prep room Evan was just looking around at every light and sparkle he could find. The nurse weighed him in at 9.550 kg and 28 3/4 inches long. They placed an IV in his foot an took some blood samples to test his chemical levels.      The scan itself went without a hitch. They did need to sedate him, they gave him one bolus that just made him drowsy. The anesthetist was just shocked that he was more interested in the stars one the ceiling of the MRI room than he was in going to sleep at the moment. She had to give him another squeeze on the syringe to get him to go out. The Nurse said they would be quick and then out to meet us. They expected he would be out about twenty minutes after the procedure and then we could take him home.
    We went back to the waiting room they had set aside for us. We waited about ten minutes and the doctor and nurse rolled him out to us and we proceeded to the short stay ward to wait for him to wake up. The only hitch was he started to open his eyes and look around as they stopped the gurney in front of our room. He was already starting to wake back up. The Doctor was really amazed. She could not believe he was already looking for us with his drugged out eyes and movements. It was so funny and cute to watch this precious little man wake from such a unusual situation and then look at us as if everything was just fine and there was nothing more to worry about.
      Over the next fifteen minutes as we watched Evan come out of his fog I had an incredible feeling of peace and assurance that everything is going to be fine. Evan came back to himself and we were cleared to go. Directly after his scan we had an appointment with his Oncologist and we were able to take a look at the new scans. We compared what he started out with and where he is now, what an amazing child this is and what an amazing blessing our Heavenly Father has given us. The doctor described the tumor as having no measurable form or mass for a measurement. The tissue is still there, but it is inactive and looks more like smooshed mashed potatoes than the mass that we saw just three months ago. The scans show that his gut, liver, veins and vessels have all moved back into their proper places. His chemical levels came back well within normal ranges and all we nee to do for now are monthly check ups. Thank you for all of your prayers and support over the last seven months. God has heard us and answered them for all of us.

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