Thursday, March 17, 2011

Six months baby check...

Our little munchk is definitely thriving. At 6,5 months he weighs 24.1 lbs!!! That is 91% percentile in weight and he is 92%  in height. Maybe a basketball star is on the rise:) The newest milestone in Evan's social behavior is not being happy with those he doesn't know. He gave a good whale to the doctor yesterday. And she was actually happy to see that, recognizing his social development in such reaction. According to her, it is usually expected from a 9mo old. So, Evan is ahead on "crying with strangers" milestone. :)
    Grandma "babushka" went home last week. It is an adjustment for everyone in the house. Our helping fairy is gone and routines had to change. Evan is getting out more and so far he is good exploring the world. Yesterday we went to Sea Life in the MOA. He just stayed in his stroller and enjoyed the bright colors of underwater world. Today we went on a walk. What a relief to see this snow melt! And again, he just sat in that stroller and looked around. We look forward to this summer to see him grow and enjoy outdoors after being cooped up for so long!
   Next stop - scan on April 1st..... Please, continue your prayers for Evan's health. God bless!

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