Friday, February 11, 2011

Baby check appointment

On Thursday Evan had his first appointment after diagnosis in our regular clinic. It was his 4 months delayed baby check with immunization. I called Oncology clinic and found out that Evan cannot have live vaccine for 6 months after chemo. So, yay, we had to survive only 3 shots instead of 4.:) It is so painful for me to see Evan cry... But I know it's for his good. Our favorite Dr. Peterson was SO impressed with Evan's well being that she took him out of the room around the clinic to show him off to other doctors. Our little miracle...:) Wait, maybe not so little... Evan was already 21lbs 13 oz!!!!!  This kid just took off after his treatment.And we are so proud of him!!! We are very hopeful for his next scan results. I pray that nothing will set off his health improvement...

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